Brown Xu

Director of Market Transformation & Development, North Asia at US Green Building Council
UBC IMBA Graduate 2021

The UBC IMBA program helped me fully understand the principle of business and opened my mind, and it taught me how to implement the concept of sustainability with business in the post-pandemic world.  

Wei Shi

Operation Director, Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Limited
UBC IMBA Graduate 2020

The UBC IMBA program boasts exceptional professors specializing in marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship. It enhances my business acumen alongside my scientific foundation by means of interactive classroom sessions and practical case studies. Through this, I establish connections with an impressive network of alumni spanning various industries. This journey has empowered me to transition from leading in the Chinese market to spearheading global business endeavors.

Ignacio Tornero

Founder and CEO at East Consulting
UBC IMBA Graduate 2019

It’s very unique combining top North American education with one of the most dynamic economic centres in Asia. You are definitely more prepared to face challenges, meet people from different industries and understand your client’s needs. I was able to apply those tools into my daily job.

Helen Ma

Offer Marketing Section Manager at Schneider Electric
UBC IMBA Graduate 2019

Because I’m working in a global company, the global mindset is essential for my work on a daily basis. Three months after I finished the program and with the global mindset and skills I’ve gained, I was promoted to head the PMO department.

Mia Xu

Vice President of Investor Relations and Finance at Vastai Technologies
UBC IMBA Graduate 2018

The professors in the program are world-class and draw on real-world business examples in the classroom. It has given me the international view and experiences to take the next step in my career.

Pierre-Etienne Leers

Group Planning & Operational Excellence Manager at Stow International Group
UBC IMBA Graduate 2018

You grow in the program. Your mind starts changing while understanding how the total picture of a business works. When you learn something new in class on the weekend, you can apply it right away at work.

Peter Radford

Central Business Development and Marketing Services Manager, Shanghai SIP Engineering Consulting LTD.
UBC IMBA Graduate 2015

The UBC IMBA program exceeded my expectations,and I was pleased with the high quality professors and program staff.As an academically rigorous program,it provided me not only with a comprehensive and integrated view of business,but real skills that I was able to immediately apply to me position,resulting in promotion opportunities and career growth.Furthermore,it has also helped me gain a stronger understanding of business in China,and made friends that I know will last a lifetime.

Patrick Ye

General Manager, ZEGA Machinery Shanghai Int’ I Trading Co.Ltd
UBC IMBA Graduate 2014

While I was researching the next steps to advance my career,I found everything I wanted in UBC IMBA.I was attracted  to the program design,which emphasizes professional and network development.My peers were very strong and ambitious,and having close access to high-quality professors with the right knowledge and experience was the the extra edge I needed to succeed.

Vivian Cao

HR Director,Coca-Cola Greater China
UBC IMBA Graduate 2013

I spent a lot of time evaluating different programs that were available in shanghai, and the UBC IMBA just seemed like an obvious chice. I liked how the program was designed, its global ranking, small class size and students profiles. It really pushed me to look at the total business, the big picture and think like a CEO. The professors are top notch with real world business experiences. There are very few part-time progrms that can provide such kind of quality education. 

Jennifer Yao

Digital Marketing, Van Cleef & Arpels B.S. (UBC), M.S. (WWU)
UBC IMBA Graduate 2012

The UBC IMBA program allowed me to meet many wonderful people from diverse industries; and its Core program in Vancouver was an amazing experience for me. I have learned a lot from the program also from my classmates' professional experience.